Catalogue Listing
Simulcast auctions start at 11:30am every Tuesday. Times vary according to the number of vehicles. Please check the auction catalogue for times.

If your are unable to inspect vehicles before auction please call 02 9724 9111 and speak to our sales staff. Any one of these people will inspect vehicles for you and give an accurate estimate of condition.

Vehicles marked with Log Books means they will have the original Log Book from new or in some cases a Replacement Book showing the original owner, however, full service history may not be stamped for all vehicles. Again please call one of the above people and they will check service history for you.

This is VERY important as we DO NOT ACCEPT returns if the buyer is not happy with the service history.
Personalised vehicle description available
                Facetime and walk around of vehicle
                Laurie:  0408 424 338   Graham :

There are no Simulcast Auctions available at this time.

Catalogues are normally listed on the morning of the Simulcast.

Register to bid
Join the auction LIVE from your office! You will see a live video of the auctioneer and be able to bid in real time. The simulcast is only available to registered dealers. If you are already registered with Independnet Motor Auctions, Carnet Auctions, Valley Motor Auctions and Alliance Motor Auctions you can use the same bidder number to bid at Auto Auctions.

If you are a licenced motor dealer please register here to get a bidder number.

As soon as you register you will receive an email with your bidder number.
Should you require more assistance please contact Graeme Rowe 0418 411 102

Simulcast auctions start  at 11:30am every Tuesday. The catalogue is available the afternoon before the auction.

Administration Fee
There is no additional fee for bidding by simulcast.
Our normal buyers premiums are:
Dealer $165
  Technical Requirements
There are no special kits or programs to be installed. All you need is the latest version of Flash. Click here to get Flash.
If you are in a corporate network you may find you cannot connect to the auction, if so please pass the following details to your I.T. dept:
- Allow video streaming on port 1935
- Allow access to port 4000
- Allow access to port 843 - Flash security check
For help and assistance regarding the simulcast bidding system, please contact: Bidsonline 02 8850 1192